Granby Grunts

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2017 ROBOT

The Granby Grunts have opted this year for a simple, yet powerful and efficient design. Equipped with low goal, ball pickup, gear loading, and climbing capabilities, our bot has a wide range of usefulness on the field. We have a top speed of 15 ft/s, softened by an advanced smooth drive system.

Our gear mechanism is a funnel shaped servo-powered attachment with two preset positions, one for loading from the human player, and one for driving and unloading with the pilot. The gear is held in place by two servo powered gates that open on close on command from the drivers.

Our low goal system has two components. Our ball chamber has a capacity of 54 balls that can be collected from the hopper, loading station, and the ground. We can unload balls into the low goal at 4 - 7 balls/second via a motorized lift system controlled by our drivers.

Our climber is housed behind our gear mechanism, which has been hollowed out for easy rope access. We can climb and consistently press the touchpad within 8 seconds of making contact with the rope.