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Build season is inarguably the single most important time of the year for FRC. It determines which teams succeed on the field and which do not. 

Every year, the kickoff of build season Is marked by a thorough reading of the rules of the game in order to decide what design the robot will have, and what strategy we will use. ​​Naturally, both evolve immensely over the course of the build season. Initial designs are brainstormed, varied from a robot that would just shove game pieces around, to a robot with claws, and everything in between. All of this takes place at near-daily meetings.​​

A couple of design values are key to our success. Simplicity (not biting off more than we can chew), reliability (making sure no major repairs have to be made), versatility (allowing our robot to do whatever our alliance needs), and safety (self-explanatory) were chief among them and will be our keys to success in the future.

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