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Week 2 Status Update: It's Alive!

Week two is coming to a close, and we have a working drive base!

Our programming team has wired what we have of the robot, and they've written a base program. They've also been working on learning the ins and outs of vision. It's been a goal of the GRUNTS to learn how robot vision works for many years, and Destination: Deep Space is the perfect game to really get down and dirty honing those skills!

The build team has been finishing up the CAD model of the robot. All finishing touches on that are estimated to be done by Monday, January 21st (of course, we'll still be working on one thing or another even though there's no school that day). Nearly every part that needs to be ordered has been, and we are about 25% of the way through machining the other parts in-house.

We're still on track to be done with the entire robot by halfway through week four! As long as we keep you the energy, we’ll be unstoppable!

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