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Week 4 Status Update: Build Team Mega Update

Build team has made tremendous progress over the course of the first three weeks of build season! We have the whole robot either on order, or in-house waiting to be machined or assembled. The computer aided design has been finalized and is only changing due to some extra holes here and there. With the help of contributions from our sponsors over the past few years, we have been able to expose members of our team to emerging manufacturing technologies using machines in our schools woodshop. Every year we can proudly say that our robot was made with parts machined by students, with the guiding eye of our beloved mentors, in our own school. This year all of our subassemblies, excluding our drive train, will be created from machined materials in our shop!

We have had a working drive base since the first week of build thanks to an early order and assembly by some of the newest members of our team. This has allowed programming to work consistently throughout the season to fine tune movement and vision processing. They're almost there in terms of getting the robot to align to a target! As build team moves into the last three weeks, we will slowly attach subassemblies to the base and let programming fiddle with controls until we have a smooth riding machine. The effect of snow days have been detrimental to the overall progress of build but we hope to catch up with some late nights and long weekends in the shop.

We should have a working robot completed by Week 5 and a reveal video of our creation in the following weeks. Stay tuned! You don't want to miss it!

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1 Comment

Feb 16, 2019

Very impressed with progress that has been reported and pictures! Yay Granby Grunts!

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